How to grow succulents from seeds yourself

выращивание суккулентов из семян

Succulents are beautiful plants that are great for growing indoors. These plants are easy to care for and have a spectacular appearance. Many of you have probably already tried propagating succulents with cuttings, but what to do if you don’t have the right plant. Then an alternative to vegetative propagation comes to the rescue – growing succulents from seeds. You probably have a lot of questions – where to buy succulent seeds, what you need for planting, how to grow them, etc. In this article, we will describe how to plant seeds and further cultivation of young succulents and the subtleties you need to pay attention to.

Where to buy quality succulent seeds

This question is quite problematic when you spend a lot of money and time to buy a cherished flower, but you end up with seed of unknown origin and quality. In the age of e-commerce, many amateur flower growers buy seeds from Amazon, Aliexpress and other online venues. Often these seeds will produce different plants or not germinate at all. Many believe that most of the seed on these platforms is counterfeit. There have even been cases of some online stores selling cooked seeds. You can read many reviews online about the quality of seeds purchased from such online stores.

Photo of a greenhouse with succulents
Buying succulent seeds from well-known plant nurseries and collectors, you can not worry about their quality.

To be sure of an excellent quality of purchased seeds and a high chance of seed germination, we recommend contacting well-known collectors, “breeders” of succulents, specialized nurseries and greenhouses.

Succulent information

How to grow succulents from seeds indoors

Growing cacti and succulents from seeds at home is a feasible process that is easy for even an inexperienced florist. Such a procedure is quite fascinating, both botanically and in terms of beauty. Successful growing succulents from seeds is a combination of various factors that should not be neglected. Having quality soil, the right container, proper seeding and further care increases the germination rate of succulent plants.

Before fully immersing yourself in this process, a quality container should be chosen. Its height should be at least 2 inches (5 cm). It is best to give preference to plastic containers with drainage holes at the bottom.

Tip. If you simultaneously plant seeds of different succulent species, it is advisable to plant them in different trays. Each type of plant needs different conditions for seed germination. If they are in the same container, the seeds of one species may not germinate because of unsuitable conditions for germination.

Florists form one-piece greenhouses on the basis of a large box, cover them with polyethylene. Several small boxes are placed inside, where there will be substrate and seeds.

In what soil to grow succulents from seeds

Before planting succulent seeds, it is necessary to choose the optimal soil composition. After all, it is from the composition of the soil depends on what the final result will be.
Let’s focus on the main accents that you should pay attention to when choosing the soil:

  • For such a process, the usual mixtures for germination of seeds, which contain a mineral basis of coarse grinding – agroperlite, sand, fine gravel are suitable. Also in the composition are added crushed or granulated coal.
  • An excellent way out of this situation will be to buy a universal peat filler – slightly acidic humus. To it add in identical proportions perlite, sand and crushed charcoal.
    Take into account that for the composition of the seed soil, it is recommended to use quality components, which are purchased in specialized outlets. If you want to take gravel, sand or charcoal from the forest or garden, it is better to abandon this idea or disinfect the components. This is done by steaming, frying or treating with a special disinfectant solution.
  • Growing succulents from seeds indoors is often carried out on a substrate mixed on the basis of granite crumbs, sand or gravel. Seeds can also be planted in special mineral substrates, this significantly reduces the likelihood of death of seedlings. But in this case, you will need to water the seedlings daily and use special fertilizers.

For example, perlite in pure form is suitable for sowing seeds of Hasteria, Hawortia, Aloe. It is sufficiently moisture-absorbent, breathable. Do not forget that these substrates have no nutrients. Before this, perlite must be well wetted with water.

Tip. To eliminate pathogens, you can sterilize the substrate by baking it in the oven at 302 °F (150 degrees) for 35 minutes.

How to plant succulent seeds

Let’s take a step-by-step look at the process of how to grow succulents from seeds:

  • Preparation. To evenly distribute the seeds, you will need to take a thick sheet of paper, fold it in half, place the seeds there.
  • Directly the process of planting. Tapping with a needle or a thin stick, you will need to scatter the planting material on the surface of the substrate. Seeds that are on the soil surface should be covered with a thin ball of coarse sand. Its layer should be about 1/16 inch (2 mm). Keep in mind – it is important that the top layer not exceed the size of the seed itself. Therefore, small “peas” do not need to be sprinkled at all.
  • Marking. Be sure to make plastic tags, which indicate the type of plant. This allows you to understand the name of the plants to give them the right care in the future.
  • Watering. From above, it will be necessary to water the surface of the soil, using filtered water for this purpose. A sprayer is used for this process. This is important so as not to wash out the soil. Next, it is necessary to cover the container with a film or a lid. The greenhouse is covered until the seeds begin to sprout, until the sprouts get stronger. Then gradually the time of covering is reduced.

During this entire period, you need to make sure that the seeds are in moist substrate.

Your seeds can germinate from a few days to a few weeks or more. This depends on the variety of succulent, the holding temperature and lighting conditions. Some varieties can even take up to a year to germinate.

Planting succulent seeds

How to care for succulents grown from seed

How succulents from seeds will develop depends largely on the rules of care.

How to care for succulents grown from seed

Particular attention is paid to:

  • Temperature. The optimum temperature is 68 – 78 °F (20 … 26 degrees Celsius). It is important that the mini-greenhouse is not in the open sun. At night the seeds should rest from the increased temperature. You should also avoid drafts. Note that Haworthia and Dioscorea germinate in temperatures between 64 and 68 °F (18…20 degrees). They are sown in winter or spring.
  • Lighting. You will need good light, but exposure to sunlight can harm the young plants. Wanting to grow crops year-round, you will need to buy a special lamp for lighting.
  • Moisturization. Watering is carried out regularly. It is not allowed that the soil dries out, but stagnant water should be prevented. It is better to moisten little by little, as the soil will dry out. For the first few months, do not allow the soil to dry out. Remember, water more frequently in summer than in winter.
  • To make the germination of succulent seeds as successful as possible, disease prevention is carried out. For such purposes, fungicides are used. They are diluted according to the instructions. Additionally, insecticides are often used, but with a weak concentration.
  • As for fertilizers, if you choose nutritious soils, it makes no sense to make additional fertilizers for the first 6 months. For fully organic compositions will need to make nutrients for succulents and cacti, according to the instructions.

Tip. Remember, each succulent species requires its own unique conditions for growing from seed. To familiarize yourself with planting conditions, you can find the information you need on the pages of our website.


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