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Welcome to the world of succulents, a new resource for lovers of rare plants!
You’ll find a lot of useful information about such amazing plants as succulents on our project pages. Over millions of years, succulents have managed to survive in harsh deserts. They’ve learned to conserve water, change their color, resist sunlight, and survive in extreme conditions. Their unique abilities are amazing and bring beautiful shapes and colors into our home.

In order to successfully grow succulents, we must study their world and learn all the nuances of their care. We will try to provide complete information about these amazing plants and share tips on their care.

The information presented on this site is based on materials we have gathered from many sources – libraries, nurseries, succulent collectors and what we have found in reliable internet resources.

We also take into account comments received from other flower growers, and would welcome feedback from anyone who might have additional information, especially if it would help others in growing succulents.

Stay tuned to our site for the latest information on succulents and other rare plants.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips or critiques with us, you can contact us by sending us a message.